La Chimera

La Chimera Vinsanto D.O.C. del Chianti Classico

La Chimera

Vinsanto D.O.C. del Chianti Classico

Made from Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes harvested in October and left to dry until early February, Castello di Monsanto’s Vinsanto is produced according to strict traditions. The must is stored for a decade in small casks, which are exposed to the elements in the Vinsantaia throughout summer and winter. No technological analysis is performed – all that’s required is infinite passion for a great Chianti tradition. This sweet wine is not just for desserts, its acidic structure gives an outstanding elegance and persistence, enabling it to stand up to unusual food pairings.



First year of production


Grape varieties

50% Trebbiano and 50% Malvasia

Training system



Withered grapes on racks

Maturazione o invecchiamento

12 years in 50 and 100 litre casks made from chestnut, oak, and cherry wood.


One year of bottle aging

Climate trend

In Tuscany, 1982 yielded results that differed widely from one production zone to the next. In the Montalcino area, it was considered good but not exceptional, while in the Carmignano area the situation was the opposite. At Monsanto, 1982 was a vintage of excellent structure with a special elegance and equilibrium. The growing season was remarkably uniform and the light rainfall in September spared the estate. Climatic conditions assured excellent ripening with less acidity than average compared to an outstanding ratio of polyphenols and sugar.

La Chimera