The Vineyard

Out of the 72 hectares of vineyards, between 260 and 310 metres a.s.l., 56 hectares are of Sangiovese, the vine  which the company has always deeply believed in right from the start.
The Sangiovese clones present in the vineyards come from a mass selection of the vines found in the vineyard “Il Poggio”, the “mother” of all the vineyards at Monsanto. Also present in a small percentage are the two historic vines of the Chianti Classico grape blend : Canaiolo and Colorino.
In 1976, Fabrizio Bianchi decided to experiment two non-autochthonous vines : he planted the Valdigallo vineyard where the Fabrizio Bianchi Chardonnay is produced today, and the Il Mulino vineyard, which thanks to its pedo-climatic characteristics is the ideal place for the production of Cabernet Sauvignon.
The density of the estate is the traditional one with about 5,000/5,500 plants per hectare, while the growing systems are  guyot in some vineyards and the spurred cordon in others.