Historic Archives

In the 18th-century cellars under the Castle precious bottles of Poggio rest silently, which, during all these years, have now become one of the largest historic archives of Italy.
It is thanks to Fabrizio Bianchi’s far-sightedness that we can now follow the company’s history through the tasting of bottles of wine which have succeeded during the years; as long ago as 1962, Fabrizio had decided that the Chianti Classico reserve produced upon this generous hill, was the ideal witness to transmit his message to future generations, held within a small glass container, that a wine is truly great, and can demonstrate to be so, only if it is able to go beyond time.

Ever since 1962, during each great vintage, an average of 2,500/3,000 bottles of Riserva Il Poggio are stocked aimed at forming this “living treasure” and, every year, the company sells a small quantity of some historic vintages so that the most beautiful evolutions the Sangiovese gives with ageing can be appreciated.

The bottles are constantly monitored through scrupulous procedures: checking of the corks, their substitution after 30/35 years from the harvest, consequent topping with wine of the same vintage, issuing of a certificate upon the moment of sale certifying the date the bottle was taken from the cellar and the topping-up date.