Respect, courage, identity and recognition



When Fabrizio took his first steps as a wine producer, when Tuscany as a wine region was lightyears away from where it is now, he wasn’t satisfied with continuing along the lines of a tradition that gave little regard to quality and instead viewed wine as a simple foodstuff. Fabrizio’s ambitious character and visionary instinct told him that – in this place and at that moment – he had a chance to start a new story, to create a new tradition – an authentic, bold Chianti Classico, free from reverential fears when compared with other high-profile names in the world.


The family rejected shortcuts, commercially driven compromises on quality which would have required the vines to be planted densely, large concentrations of vines and the use of chemicals.

They refused to embrace trends that had erased the identity of entire regions, companies and their wines. Castello di Monsanto has followed this strategy ever since its creation – and these are the decisions that have made it what it is today, despite them meaning having to take a harder path.

A constant pursuit of quality and ceaseless experiments designed to find new ways of expressing the best of the terroir, in its many different guises, all the while staying true to their traditions and values: courage, ambition, respect, patience, dedication, identity and recognition.
That’s the Castello di Monsanto philosophy.

You could sum it up with this oxymoron: Prudent audacity.