Fabrizio Bianchi : the intuition of the first Cru

There are two places at Monsanto which captivate each visitor with their charm and magic: “Collina del Poggio” and the 18th-century historic cellar. The Company has its origins right here. When Giuliana and Fabrizio Bianchi reached Monsanto for the first time, in 1961, they were enraptured by the beauty of the landscapes which can be enjoyed from the top of the Poggio; from the height  of its 310 metres of marl, it is possible to appreciate a bird’s eye view which takes in the paternal towers of San Gimignano to the tops of the Chianti Fiorentino, from Monte Amiata to the peaks of the Apuan Alps. A distant  glance sheltered by a nearby boundary: a hedge of Mediterranean woods guarded by the proud and watchful Castello di Monsanto. Nowadays, it is enough to take a few steps towards the top of the Poggio to take in the energy which led Giuliana and Fabrizio up to here. From this generous hill the warm and balmy air of currents coming from the sea to mitigate a miscellaneous and long-lived vegetation can be scented. With closed eyes, it is possible to sense the breath of the intuition which seduced Fabrizio to believe in this area. It was tasting the wines in the historic cellar that strengthened any premonition. His Piedmontese culture and his passion for Burgundy gave him the instruments to discover an elixir of longevity in that wine, rich in vibrant tannins and precious mineralities. Thus the idea to make a Cru in the Chianti Classico area was born for the first time between a climb up the Poggio and a descent to the cellar. It was 1962 when the first 6,000 bottles of “Vigneto il Poggio” were produced.