The importance of water for the production of wine is obvious, it is enough to think of the watering requirements of the vine and to the quantity of water present in each single grape (about 90%); but what we want to highlight here is how it permeates all our world. We can surely attribute the generosity of this land to two small streams which embrace the estate: Cepparello and Amaioni. These, with their actions, make us fertile, strengthen our roots and enrich the subsoil, making up for the limitations imposed by the rigid Chianti Classico  specifications which does not allow for artificial irrigation. If to all this we add the presence of aquifers under the Poggio and other vineyards which render the soil even richer and more energetic, we can well understand how this “silent protection” cradles our small fruits internally, even, and especially, in those years when rain has been scarce.