It is said that in the Medieval times, when the pilgrims travelled along the “via Francigena” from Canterbury to Rome, through the holy places of the Christian religion, they used to stop in the Val d’Elsa to enjoy the cool relief of the marine breeze which came from the Mediterranean. This large amphitheatre represents a natural cushion for the temperate air coming from the sea, here the wind accompanies life in the valley with its own sounds and movements. In this particular atmospheric condition, the climate is mild, suitable for the cultivation of various plants amongst which, obviously, vines.
The difference in temperature between night and day enables the vineyard to absorb the variations, during the whole 24 hours, between the heat of the sun’s rays during the day and the coolness of the Chianti nights. In fact, the warm air of the day brings the bunches to a perfect ripening, while the night breeze is a precious help for the development of the wine’s aromas.