Revolutionary by tradition

Castello di Monsanto began as an intuition, before developing into an idea and then into a vision.

That vision continues to inspire the evolution of Castello di Monsanto – a courageous, ambitious and revolutionary evolution... walking the line between respecting tradition and working to rewrite it.

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Protagonists and custodians of tradition

As the heirs to traditions that stretch back centuries, we welcome the expertise of those that have come before us and the richness that nature has bestowed on us like the precious gifts that they are.

We’ve cultivated tradition like the mother to our vines, nourishing and protecting it while at the same time encouraging it to evolve according to our vision.

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In this historic land,
the local area bears testament to an ancient bond with humankind

Our local area combines thousands of faces in one identity. It’s as strong as the roots of the vines that find space among the rocks and as gentle as the rolling hills that have become the universal symbol of the Chianti region.

Respect, care and love are the least we can offer this area.

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With love, expertise and patient dedication, humans are capable of great things.

Understanding nature, respecting its timings, celebrating its best qualities and controlling its whims.

We strive to draw inspiration and learn from this ancient knowledge every day, in every task we complete, as we attempt to create a product worthy of nature’s gift to us.

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